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Two-spotted ladybird - Adalia bipunctata
Added: 07 Sep 2016  Updated: 29 Oct 2018
The two-spotted ladybird is an adventive species from Europe. It was first found in New Zealand in Christchurch during March 1936. It is now found throughout New Zealand though it is uncommon in Auckland. It is found in ...
Oleander aphid - Aphis nerii
Added: 20 Dec 2017  Updated: 08 Jan 2018
This adventive aphid is found in many countries especially in tropical and subtropical regions including many Pacific islands. It is believed to have spread from the Mediterranean region where it lived on Oleander, Neriu...
Giant willow aphid - Tuberolachnus salignus
Added: 23 Feb 2017  Updated: 21 Oct 2019
This cosmopolitan adventive aphid was first found in Auckland in December 2013. It has since spread to its primary host plants, willow trees (Salix species (Salicaceae)), in other parts of the country. Its feeding produc...
Pittosporum psyllid - Trioza vitreoradiata
Added: 14 Sep 2012  Updated: 03 Oct 2019
This endemic psyllid lives in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It lives on its host plants, Pittosporum species, in city gardens and parks as well as native ecosystems. It has been accidentally transferred to ...
Southern Ladybird - Cleobora mellyi
Added: 24 Nov 2016  Updated: 24 Oct 2019
This adventive ladybird comes from Tasmania and southern areas of mainland Australia, hence its common names. Adults and larvae live in trees feeding on soft-bodied insects and their eggs. It was released into New Zealan...
Harlequin ladybird - Harmonia axyridis
Added: 07 Nov 2016  Updated: 29 Oct 2018
This adventive ladybird of variable appearance was first found in 2016 in Auckland. Its native range is Central and Eastern Asia, but it was deliberately released into USA, Europe, South America and Middle East and has s...
Tomato potato psyllid - Bactericera cockerelli
Added: 08 Dec 2016  Updated: 06 Sep 2018
This adventive psyllid comes from Central and North America where it breeds primarily on potatoes, tomatoes and other plants in the potato family, Solanaceace. It also breeds on kumara, which is in the bindweed family, C...
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