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Tasmanian lacewing - Micromus tasmaniae
Added: 14 Sep 2012  Updated: 10 Aug 2017
This adventive lacewing comes from Australia and is now widespread in New Zealand. It occurs in grassland, vegetable crops, field crops, cereals and other habitats with low-growing vegetation where the adults and larvae ...
Green fern aphid - Micromyzella filicis
Added: 25 Jan 2017  Updated: 11 Jul 2018
This adventive aphid is from the Island of Java, Indonesia. It lives on young fronds of ferns. In New Zealand it is widespread on some species of native ferns in native forests around Auckland. Its presence in other area...
Small hoverfly - Melanostoma fasciatum
Added: 14 Sep 2012  Updated: 12 Sep 2016
This endemic hoverfly is present throughout New Zealand, where it occurs in grassland, vegetable crops, field crops, cereals, gardens and other habitats with low growing vegetation. The adults feed in flowers while the l...
Pittosporum psyllid - Trioza vitreoradiata
Added: 14 Sep 2012  Updated: 03 Oct 2019
This endemic psyllid lives in the North and South Islands of New Zealand. It lives on its host plants, Pittosporum species, in city gardens and parks as well as native ecosystems. It has been accidentally transferred to ...
Tomato potato psyllid - Bactericera cockerelli
Added: 08 Dec 2016  Updated: 06 Sep 2018
This adventive psyllid comes from Central and North America where it breeds primarily on potatoes, tomatoes and other plants in the potato family, Solanaceace. It also breeds on kumara, which is in the bindweed family, C...
Australian citrus whitefly - Orchamoplatus citri
Added: 23 Oct 2018  Updated: 05 Nov 2018
This adventive whitefly comes from Australia. It was first found in Auckland in October 2000 and quickly spread through the North Island and has reached the top of the South Island. It is mainly found on Citrus trees, bu...
Totara aphid - Neophyllaphis totarae
Added: 05 Jan 2018  Updated: 15 Mar 2018
This endemic aphid is found on leaves of endemic species of Podocarpus (Totara). It is found in native ecosystems and on trees in urban areas. Conservation status: The Totara aphid in found on endemic species of Totara, ...
Eleven-spotted ladybird - Coccinella undecimpunctata
Added: 11 Oct 2012  Updated: 29 Oct 2018
This adventive ladybird comes from the northern hemisphere. It is present in Europe, Asia and North America. It is now widespread in New Zealand, where it occurs in grasslands, vegetable crops, field crops, cereals, and ...
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