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Southern Ladybird - Cleobora mellyi
Added: 24 Nov 2016  Updated: 24 Oct 2019
This adventive ladybird comes from Tasmania and southern areas of mainland Australia, hence its common names. Adults and larvae live in trees feeding on soft-bodied insects and their eggs. It was released into New Zealan...
Harlequin ladybird - Harmonia axyridis
Added: 07 Nov 2016  Updated: 29 Oct 2018
This adventive ladybird of variable appearance was first found in 2016 in Auckland. Its native range is Central and Eastern Asia, but it was deliberately released into USA, Europe, South America and Middle East and has s...
Tomato potato psyllid - Bactericera cockerelli
Added: 08 Dec 2016  Updated: 06 Sep 2018
This adventive psyllid comes from Central and North America where it breeds primarily on potatoes, tomatoes and other plants in the potato family, Solanaceace. It also breeds on kumara, which is in the bindweed family, C...
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