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Scale-eating ladybird - Rhyzobius fagus
Added: 03 Feb 2016  Updated: 31 Oct 2018
Until recently the Scale-eating ladybird, Rhyzobius fagus was believed to be found only in New Zealand, but a recent taxonomic revision means that the species is also present in Australia and New Caledonia and is therefo...
Dusky lady beetle - Nephus binaevatus
Added: 23 Aug 2017  Updated: 31 Oct 2018
This adventive ladybird was first found in New Zealand in Mount Albert, Auckland in sometime after 2000. It has since been found in Avondale. In Mount Albert it is associated with mealybugs on flax, Phormium plants. It o...
Flocculent flax scale - Poliaspis floccosa
Added: 14 Jan 2016  Updated: 14 Aug 2019
This distinctive endemic scale insect lives on the underside of leaves of its endemic host plants, especially New Zealand flax, Phormium species (Hemerocallidaceae). It is found on the North and South Islands. Conservati...
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